Dissemination Committee

The COABA Dissemination Committee works under the direction of the COABA Executive Board. The Dissemination Committee’s function is to support COABA’s mission of advancing the awareness of and access to applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in the state of Colorado.

Committee Chairs

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Committee Chair

Committee Members

  • Amy Crye (Secretary: Dissemination Committee)
  • Samantha “Sam” Smalley (Co-Chair Newsletter Committee)
  • Katherine Donahoe
  • Michaela Harris
  • Laura Wilhelm
  • Jennifer Blankenship (Co-Chair: Dissemination Committee)
  • Joy Chavers (Treasurer)
  • Payge Wyman (Co-Chair: DEIA Subcommittee)
  • Sophie Steele
  • Taemy Kim-Mander (Chair: DEIA Subcommittee
  • Jennifer “JJ” Gross
  • Matthew Bond (Co-Chair Newsletter)
  • Katelyn Kendrick

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