Jeff Kupfer received his doctoral degree in psychology from the University of Florida, specializing in the experimental analysis of behavior. He has conducted research in animal models of complex learning and psychopathology, as well as research examining environmental influences on bipedal travel in persons with visual loss. Jeff is a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts, Colorado, and Nebraska, a doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and a lecturer at the University of Colorado-Denver. He was the first president of the Four Corners Association for Behavior Analysis and is a Founder and Trustee for the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. He is a Senior Clinician at Trumpet Behavioral Health.

Jeff has been practicing behavior analysis since 1984 specializing in the treatment of severe behavioral disorders in persons with brain injury, developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other neurological disorders. He has published in the areas of behavior analysis, pharmacology, and visual impairments, and has served as a guest reviewer and guest editor for professional journals including The Behavior Analyst, Perspectives on Behavior Scienceand Brain Injury.

Jeff is a consultant for Learning Services Neurobehavioral Institute–West in Colorado. His research interests include delay discounting and impulsivity in persons with brain injury. Jeff enjoys hiking, training for triathlons, and walking with his two dogs.