Dr. Alison Betz is currently the Clinical Director at Behavior Services of the Rockies. She earned her Ph.D. from Utah State University in 2009 and completed her post-doctoral fellow at University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Munroe Myer Institute. Before moving to Colorado, Dr Betz served as an assistant professor in the School of Behavior Analysis at Florida Institute of Technology. Her research and clinical expertise are in the areas of early intensive behavioral intervention and the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior, which is demonstrated by her publications in many of the top-tiered behavioral journals. Currently Dr. Betz serves on the board of editors for several journals including the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Education and Treatment of Children, and Behavior Development Bulletin. Now working in the clinical field, Dr. Betz strives to provide high-quality services for all individual by focusing on the science-practitioner model and incorporating the scientific method in to daily practice.