Big Win Alert: Medicaid Agrees! School Services Get the Green Light!

Drumroll, please! 🥁 It’s time for some serious celebration because guess what? Colorado Medicaid has finally joined the cool kids’ club and agreed to foot the bill for medically necessary services in our beloved school settings under EPSDT funding! Can I get a virtual high-five?!

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate this victory. It’s been a journey, folks. We’ve been advocating for school-based funding since way back in the good ol’ days of 2019, and guess what? Persistence pays off! Who knew nagging could be so effective, right?

But wait, there’s more! While we’re popping metaphorical champagne bottles, we’re also eagerly awaiting updates on when the claim system will finally get its act together to approve services in POS 03 (school). Oh, and let’s not forget about Acentra – we’ll be giving them a gentle nudge to start approving those PARs for school-based shenanigans. Until then, let’s stick to the plan: submit those PARs with the golden ticket – I mean, the letter from HCPF that screams, “School treatment is officially on the house, folks!”

So, folks, keep those victory dances polished and your advocacy hats firmly on because we’re not stopping here! This win isn’t just a feather in our cap; it’s a whole peacock parade, and we’re just getting started.

Stay tuned for more updates, more victories, and more reasons to break out the confetti. Because at COABA, we don’t just make waves; we ride ’em like the behavior-surfing legends we are!

Keep shining bright, you stars of behavior brilliance!

With jubilant cheers and virtual high-fives,

Your exuberant (and exhausted) COABA Board of Directors