COABA 2022 Annual Conference Workshop Information!

Presenter: Sarah Trautman, MA BCBA

Title:Scope of Competency: It’s MORE than just Clinical Skills

Abstract: An important and often overlooked area for practicing BCBAs is devoting time and energy to increasing one’s scope of competency in the SYSTEM that they work within (read: context matters…like a lot). Many Behavior Analysts operate within the US healthcare system (specifically Behavioral Health). Therefore, ensuring that BCBA’s are presented with and understand critical information regarding HOW behavioral healthcare systems operate, the parameters and limitations that exist, and the current trends that impact ABA service delivery is key to help increase the competencies and professionalism of practitioners. Additionally, allocating time to increasing fluency in the systems that BCBAs use daily as part of their job will help improve time management, task prioritization, create efficiencies at all levels and, most importantly, will help create more time to DO great clinical work. Lastly, improving skills in the areas of effective professional boundaries will help BCBAs combat burnout…and experience more joy at work (seriously)!