COABA Public Policy Sponsorship Levels

Your COABA Public Policy Committee is dedicated to increasing access to quality behavior analytic services across Colorado. Current initiatives include:

Medicaid collaboration: The aim of this initiative is to assist the State in alleviating current barriers to quality services for behavior analytic services. Points of interest include exclusions of necessary billing codes, service locations, and classifications of targeted skills. Additionally, the Committee has been working with the State to assist in streamlining EVV requirements and reducing denied claims with respect to PBT services requiring EVV.

Medical Necessity for Students: COABA has supported the progress of this Bill including lobbying and legal counsel. This Bill will be a starting point for increasing Behavior Analysts’ participation and collaboration in the school setting toward improved outcomes for students.
More information on the Bill can be found here.

In order to meet these goals, COABA needs the support of our members and sponsors. Opportunities for organizations to band together and access the perks for each of these levels will also be available.

Thank you for your support. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us here or drop the donation here and we will contact you!

Donor Levels Infographic