Collaboration with Schools: Call to Action

A Group Of School Collaborators Look Through The Shape Of A Circle Created From Their Palms The Concept Of Friendly Friends

How can I get involved?

  • Increase your competence:
    • Webinars (more coming soon!)
    • Educate yourself and your staff on education law and methods for navigating collaborative services
  • Demonstrate how this can work/Prepare your organization for helping it work
    • Think long-term/beyond this one client
    • Develop procedures for onboarding and assessing clients who are “in school” only.
    • Create internal policies and agreements for interactions with schools, staff, and therapy within schools
    • Create conflict management procedures (i.e. whose Bx plan is followed and when, how to handle parent/RBT/teacher complaints…)
  • Engage with schools
    • Communicate success
    • Reach out to schools to discuss how services can be collaborative
    • Prepare a pitch for services
  • Request district policy that aligns with the Bill
    • Send policy to COABA to develop a resource for providers
    • Collect information about denied services or access
  • Help COABA in this mission
    • Share success stories (redacted) to disperse on social media/news
    • Volunteer
    • Donate
    • Join the subcommittee to develop curriculum/standards of practice in the school’s place of service.