The COABA Public Policy Committee (PPC) works under the direction of the COABA Executive Board. The PPC facilitates actions with key Colorado state decision-makers including the state legislature and other governmental bodies, as well as other practitioner and parenting advocacy organizations to recommend policy, legislative, and regulatory solutions. The PPC also arranges trainings on issues relevant to our membership (e.g., billing codes and issues, legal issues).


Initiatives to date include provision of ABA CPT Code Training by Jeanna Mitton, planning for an Autism Law Workshop by the Autism Law Resource Center (Dan Unumb and Tim Courtney), submitting and managing the Sunrise Application for licensure consideration, intimately supporting HB20-1058 on ABA in Schools, and general discussions on regulatory practices of behavior analysis in Colorado.



Join the conversation about House Bill HB20-1058 on ABA in schools

Important New Law: Mental Health Parity

Behavior analysts and behavior technicians DO NOT need to be registered as psychotherapists to practice behavior analysis in Colorado. Those who are additionally engaging in practices that could be defined as psychotherapy, however, would need to pursue psychotherapy registration. Please see the recent post with this information from the Colorado State Board of Registered Psychotherapists.

Committee Chairs
David White

David Hatfield

Committee Chair

I am honored to serve as a Director on the COABA Executive Board. Since arriving in Colorado in 2001, when I was the third BCBA in the entire State, I have pressed for access to funding, representation, protection, and recognition of Behavior Analysts within the State. I will strive to give us a voice in the State that will provide for more opportunities as Behavior Analysts, and support for mechanisms that allow us to provide quality services.

I would like to share an overview of relevant experiences: masters in 1995 (Dr. Jon Bailey, FSU) and doctorate in 1998 (Dr. Ed Craighead, CU-Boulder); BCBA-D (2000) and Psychology license in Colorado (2001); charter member of the BACB, 4Corners, and COABA; only service provider on the Autism Commission for the State of Colorado in 2008; leadership for passage of Health Insurance Mandate for Autism Treatment Law (HIMAT), which codified BCBAs as insurance providers within the State; Lead implementor for State of Colorado on HIMAT; Autism Society of Colorado Outstanding Autism Service Provider Award in 2011; past President of the Colorado Coalition for Autism Professionals; invited Content Expert for the BACB; and, author of multiple articles, chapters and presentations on ABA.

As the Chair of the Public Policy Committee, I will serve COABA members diligently; as the past liaison for 4Corners to APBA, ABAI, and the BACB, I sought to facilitate cooperation and coordination between bodies with diverse agendas, focusing on the commonalities inherent within behavior analysis. I have watched the field grow tremendously over the last two decades. I have also watched us miss opportunities for impact due to inaction, in-fighting, and poor ‘marketing’ of our services and skills. With your support, I will work with the Executive Board to pursue opportunities for market access, trade recognition and consumer protection.

Linda White

Linda LeBLanc

Committee Co-Chair

Linda A. LeBlanc, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Licensed Psychologist is the President of LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting.  She previously served as a professor at Claremont McKenna College, Western Michigan University and Auburn University.  She served as the Executive Director of Trumpet Behavioral Health from 2012-2017, leading the creation of large-scale systems for clinical standards, quality assurance, and research. She established LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting in 2017 and now consults to technology companies, universities, and behavior analytic human service organizations. Her research interests include behavioral treatment of autism, technology-based behavioral interventions, supervision and mentorship, leadership, and systems development in human services. She is the 2016 recipient of the American Psychological Association Nathan H. Azrin Award for Distinguished Contribution in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is the incoming Editor in Chief of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Committee Members
  • Zach Maple, MS, BCBA .
  • Christine Ratcliff, MS, BCBA
  • Ken Winn, PhD, BCBA-D


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